Historical data of Sihla Monastery

- The beginnings of the hermitage at Sihla are lost in the mists of history, before 1200.
- The first written mention of a hermitage at Sihla dates back to 1326.
- Sihla Hermitage was founded in 1731.
- The main church is dedicated to “The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist”.
- The church was built from wood in 1741 by the Cantacuzino family.
- Its present appearance dates from 1813, when Archimandrite Benedict, the abbot of Neamt and Secu Monasteries, restores it.
- The church up hill, called the church from a fir tree, dedicated to “Transfiguration,” was built in 1763 by Ionita Cantacuzino Pascanu, in the memory of her friend, Ion Coroi, killed in a deer hunt in the precipice that today bears his name. - The Cave of Saint Theodora of Sihla lies among the rocks, not far from the small church made from the fir tree and the old sanctums beneath the rock.